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Brian Ferdinand is a New York based financial consultant and entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of experience in advanced trading methodologies and technologies, creating strategic growth and managing large scale portfolios.

Fintech Companies to Watch in 2015

From start-up’s such as Neighborly to big 4 powerhouse KPMG, everyone wants a piece of the fintech sector.  After-all, these companies help to make financial services easier for everyone from small business owners to companies all with the touch of a button. Here are some companies that will be interesting to watch in the  later half of 2015.


Brian Ferdinand Fintech



  • KPMG through Matchi.Biz— Big four powerhouse KPMG has taken an interest in accelerating their own fintech department. As a result they have partnered with, the matchmaker of fintech companies, to “help advise clients on the optimal innovations to help deliver on their strategic initiatives,” according to KPMG, Chairman, Global Financial Services Jeremy Anderson. The partnership might inspire other big four competitors to sink their teeth into this sector.


  • Neighborly–Neighborly is similar to a kickstarter for municipal bonds. People can invest money that goes towards the greater good of the community in this much buzzed about new start-up. Neighborly makes it easy for citizens to become directly in public finances in a world where anything government related is often inaccessible.


  • Alphapoint– This start-up software company provides technologies for the growing market of crypto-finance. Their clients are exchanges and brokers and are helping to allow people across the world buy, sell, and invest in this new asset class while connecting to merchants, wallets, and ATMs. The products they enable are the growing set of crypto-currencies including Bitcoin. They are leaders in the space with 20 clients across 15 countries and power over 30% of global Bitcoin trading. As a winner of the Finovate London 100 most innovative FinTech companies in 2015, it will be interesting to track what they provide as this emerging market evolves.