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Brian Ferdinand is a New York based financial consultant and entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of experience in advanced trading methodologies and technologies, creating strategic growth and managing large scale portfolios.

Brian Ferdinand: Vacation Rentals This Winter

Brian Ferdinand: Vacation Rentals This Winter

Brian Ferdinand is the COO of Vacation Rentals, LLC. He is a New York-based financial consultant and entrepreneur who has teamed up with Michael Braverman to expand online booking services to premier properties in select vacation areas throughout the U.S. and abroad.

With the gig economy of real estate in full swing, many couples and families are scouring the online marketplace looking to spend their holidays differently this year. In the past, if choices were pretty much limited to resorts and hotels, now vacationers have the luxury of choosing from thousands of vacation homes, and in cities with pleasantly milder winter weather.

In no particular order, some of the best cities you can visit for winter travel are:

Salt Lake City – If you want to go skiing or snowboarding with the whole family, Salt Lake City can’t be beat. The snow-powdered mountains and diverse metropolis have drawn winter travelers year after year. During the day, you can ski to your heart’s content in one of the eight major ski resorts and then catch symphony performances in the evening.

Denver – Another city that thrives in winter, the Mile High City is home to the world’s largest après ski town, filled with parties, drinking fests, and merrymaking in general. Denver’s parks and parkways offer tons of winter fun while its skyline offers breathtaking views anyone would want to see in real life.

Houston – Don’t be surprised to see Houston on the list; there are other points of attraction to the winter besides outdoor activities. For something really different, catch the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo around March. With Houston’s cool yet not too frigid temperatures, you won’t find it too troublesome to partake in the local festivals.

Orlando – Believe it or not, winter is the best time to go to theme parks because it isn’t too crowded during this time. Orlando comes to mind for theme parks in the winter as the climate is relatively mild. This means you won’t be snowed-in inside your vacation rental and you can go out to enjoy Orlando’s many restaurants and bars.

San Diego – Gather around the campfire and get cozy with your loved ones. If you want to be out during winter, San Diego should be a top consideration of cities to visit. The mild climate and laid-back atmosphere are perfect for catching some rest and relaxation with plenty of indoor activity offerings as well.

New Orleans – Winter is usually a time of solitude and withdrawal so New Orleans’s vibrant food and music scene should provide you with some much needed liveliness during the season. Even in winter, New Orleans is never short of must-see concerts and music shows.

Miami – Always a favorite among vacationers, Miami and its beaches offer couples and families a great tropical timeout from the harshness of winter. As the playground of celebrities, VIPs, and the wealthy, it would be prudent on your part if you book your accommodations months ahead.

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