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Brian Ferdinand is a New York based financial consultant and entrepreneur. He has over 15 years of experience in advanced trading methodologies and technologies, creating strategic growth and managing large scale portfolios.

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Brian Ferdinand Fintech
Brian Ferdinand

The “Gig Economy” and Airbnb: So Many Jobs, Too Little Time

Simultaneous to the rise of the share economy have been some major economic shifts. Employment has been altered by the Internet, a cultivator of tech-enabled industries that allow peer to peer money-making. Startups like Airbnb, which allow participants to generate a new source of income, can be considered “gig economy” ...


Out-of-the-Box Rental Ideas for Special Events

Whether you’re organizing a conference, getting married or planning a business trip, there are a series of complex steps that go into preparation. When it comes to venues and accommodations, however, it appears that times are changing. Space-sharing startups like Airbnb are facilitating peer-to-peer rental services that are ...


A Vibrant Startup Ecosystem, Powered by Airbnb

When a seed is planted and a tree grown, it begets an ecosystem as soon as it’s strong enough. The tree supports life: bacteria thrives in its roots, birds nest in its branches and ants swarm its trunk. It’s similar with business ecosystems: when one becomes big and successful, new adjacent businesses emerge, forming a ...


The Business Implications of a Driverless Future

Over the last decade, a slew of technology and automotive companies have been not-so-secretly developing the vehicles of the future: driverless cars that could render both your driver’s license and designated driver obsolete. These companies include Google, its Chinese counterpart Baidu, BMW, Mercedes Benz, GM, and Tesla, and ...

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Fintech Unicorn Adyen Leaps to $2.3B Valuation

Adyen, the Amsterdam-based payment processing company, recently leapt to a $2.3 billion valuation after receiving a large investment from its first Silicon Valley investor  Iconiq Capital. This news comes less than a year after Adyen was valued at $1.5 billion valuation, with a funding round of $250 million ...

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WeWork Bets on Communal Living with WeLive Venture

WeWork, the $10 billion dollar start-up company that seems to be getting hotter by the minute, is spawning other projects and from the looks of it will attract further investment dollars well into 2016. The simple premise of WeWork is one that many young startups already employ. For those who are starting their own companies but ...


LendingHome Raises $109.3 million in Series C Funding

LendingHome, the San Francisco based startup that offers peer-to-peer mortgages, recently raised $109.3 million in Series C funding. The bulk of this funding came from Chinese social media company RenRen, who invested $70 million in the fin tech startup. This is RenRen's latest large-scale investment in several fintech startups, ...


4 Factors Driving FinTech’s Explosive Growth

According to a recent comprehensive report by consulting firm Accenture, the future of the financial technology sector is blindingly bright. Consider these stats: Global investment in fintech grew by 201% in 2014 Fintech investments rose from $4.05b to $12.21b from 2013-14 Compared to 63% overall VC investment growth in ...


Can a Fintech Startup Take $13 Trillion from Wall Street?

It’s no secret that FinTech companies are challenging the status quo of the financial industry by leveraging the power of the internet. With lower costs and fewer middlemen, investment startups allow consumers easier access to the market. Investors have taken notice too: 2014 saw $12 billion allocated to financial technology ...